Profound pieces of art often have a story behind them. Artists can tell these stories in many ways, such as using a series of works representing moments of the narrative, or by focusing on a particular one to base a single work on. Artworks that tell a story are often based on legends or myths, and She Down There is no different.


“In his body of sculpture work, Robbie channels his inspirations into tangible recreations of life that transform the spaces they fill.”


Robbie’s love for movement, human bodies, animal bodies and the natural world’s positive energy has instilled a deep reverence and accrescent appreciation for all that is alive. His sculptures reflect this ardency, spiritual connection and passion that guide his hands to build creatures of immense presence.

“I am quite sure that it's not just me who makes the sculptures.”


Robbie’s pieces clearly encapsulate the spirit of the creatures he sculpts and Lynton, author of the She Down There novel, recognised this immediately. Lynton and Robbie collaborated to recreate an experience he shared with Christina, the adult male dugong, in Bazaruto, Mozambique - the last viable population of dugong on the African coast - whilst on a research trip for the novel. This is how our affiliation with Robbie came about and we could not be more proud to represent and work with a client who, again, has recognised that good can be done in a myriad of ways: including through art. 


Our team is driven towards one single purpose – to restore a tomorrow for life on Earth. All over the world, we are witnessing the disappearance of nature as a result of human population growth, rampant development and destruction of ecosystems.

These are the very same systems we rely on to provide food, energy, medicines, clean water and air to all life on earth. Biodiversity loss is lining up to be one of the greatest man-made crises ever.

The global trend of mass species die-off and loss of functional ecosystems can, however, be stopped.Our dream is to reconnect Africa’s wild spaces to create a future for man in harmony with nature.

If we can conquer boundaries to re-establish, renew and preserve large functional ecosystems – we can

protect and regenerate natural resources and heritage vital to enabling and sustaining life on our

awe-inspiring continent.


She works with 2 learners at a time, during school hours, working with four learners per day. Children in her neighborhood also receive guidance from her. She is required to tutor at least 4 children at home with maths and homework.

 The MathMom is also required to make herself available to assist in schools in other ways.


She is equipped in various ways to build meaningful and purpose-driven relationships in the classroom as well as in the community. We invest in her personal growth to enable her to become a role model for the learner and in the community. We aim at building relationships among the MathMoms within which they can experience belonging and mutual support.


The MathMoms are mentored in every step of the way by retired teachers who are strong and enthusiastic individuals. Our Mentors do not merely want to improve the teaching of maths, they also want to improve parental involvement in schools because we believe that strong communities build strong schools.


I AM WATER believes in ocean conservation through transformative ocean experience.

Our mission is to ignite a movement of blue minds across the planet, to facilitate physical and emotional connections to the aquatic environment, to build understanding of the interdependence of healthy humans and healthy oceans and to influence behaviours to protect our global seas.

We feel especially passionate about working with underprivileged coastal communities

where, despite living walking distance to the shoreline, we often find young people who have never seen the world just beneath the waves.

gita sealand.png

Gita is a Sealand Lifestyle Crew Ambassador. Her interview with Sealand:


What makes you YOU in one sentence?

Human-centred, nature-inspired, strategic empath – otherwise known as a gal trying to do better. 


How will your outlook on life improve the world?

I would say my outlook is one rooted in empathy yet ruthlessly solution-driven.    

Our people and planet are hurting and need healing. COVID has dramatically shown us how the vulnerability of society and the terrible pain and suffering experienced could be met with a tremendous force of compassion. 1000’s of feeding schemes and community care networks were created overnight - just as businesses closed down and millions of people experienced the loss of income. The increase of triggering conversations, harsh realisations about #Blacklivesmatter, #GBV (Gender-Based Violence), and loss of revenue have not only shook the nation but the world.
This is the world we live in. There is a desperate need for an earth-centric approach as well as equality, nourishment of diversity and female leadership - and a call for those custodians of society in a position of power and influence to decide on which side of this pivoting moment they find themselves. 

Now more than ever … our decisions matter. Your decisions matter.