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begin with the beginning

In a world of: botox, bionics and simultaneously striving for authenticity and organic living.

Sustained by tech startups, modern billionaires, philanthropists, humanitarians and activists to run/save the world.

The modern world to save the old and guarantee a future. The fall of politics and education as we know it. And the rise of … what exactly is what I am trying to figure out.

What I do know is that vulnerability is the new fashion and we are experiencing the rise of the WOman! So this leaves us all a little bit in the middle of somewhere and treading in a space where no one has been in before!

I’ve never been the cleverest, fastest or prettiest … but what I had and have is the will and the guts to try and to fail. And that is mine.  And it’s pretty much all I’ve got.

This is an attempt of sharing my navigation of this all through my startup Thanda Co.

Living this thing called life, constantly trying to become better at my human custodianship … and in so picking up fellow aspiring do-gooders along the way!

Finding my groove: one mission at a time.


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