Holding Plant

Gita Amber Carroll, Founder of The Good Machine with Professor Jonathan Jansen,

both advisory board members for MathsMoms.


About us

Our people and planet are hurting and need healing. COVID has dramatically shown us how the vulnerability of society and the terrible pain and suffering experienced could be met with a tremendous force of compassion. 1000’s of feeding schemes and community care networks were created overnight - just as businesses closed down and millions of people experienced loss of income. The increase of triggering conversations, harsh realisations about #Blacklivesmatter, #GBV (Gender-Based Violence), and loss of revenue have not only shaken the nation but the world.  

Gita Amber Carroll, the founder of the Good Machine, has over 15 years’ experience in the international development sector and has worked alongside some of the most influential community-driven organisations and philanthropists in the world.  

Gita graduated from the University of Stellenbosch and successfully obtained a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Sport Science: Psychology Major as well as a BA Honours in Pediatrics, Sport Science. After 9 years at the Laureus Sport for Good Head Quarter in London as African Manager, Gita left to build the development problem-solving agency now known as The Good Machine.

How we work

The Good Machine works with consultants who are world leading specialists in governance, financial integrity, child protection, social development, grant writing, fundraising, cause marketing and monitoring and evaluation.  We trouble-shoot and design robust solutions in the for-good space and act as a catalyst in bridging the divides between non-profits and for-profits one valued client at a time.


Social Impact & Active Citizenship

Social Impact is the effect an organisation's actions have on the well-being of the community. It is imperative that businesses and individuals increase their awareness and consciousness in their daily lives.