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Ocean Art of Earth and Spirit:
Cape Town Exhibition

Art, inspired by the ocean, by sculptor Robert Rorich, fine artist Marti Marais, and photographers Craig Foster and Pippa Ehrlich, in support of the protection of the Great African Sea Forest, through the Sea Change Project.

We had the opportunity to work with exceptional humans who push the barriers and blur the lines between art, business and impact: creatives who ask questions and give back, whilst producing beautiful and meaningful pieces for us to collect and treasure. Timeless works of art that help us to understand why we need to love, and why we need to protect what we love.

Ocean Art of earth and Spirit began when Gita met Robbie, whose mission has always been to raise consciousness for the planet and people through his work. Having seen the light and love this human carries in his heart, Gita knew that they would not only connect as friends. As conversations unfolded, they brought in another like-minded, ocean-loving talent, fine artist Marti Marais. To complete the picture, the duo that stole their hearts and returned them better equipped to love and, most importantly, protect what we love, joined us: Craig Foster and Pppa Ehrlich.

We are very proud to share with you this magical, once in a lifetime event.

Curating the exhibition was an honour and a privilege.


Power in Numbers


R170 000

Project Gallery

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