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Johannesburg Exhibition

Exhibition Weekends: 6th - 8th May and 3rd - 5th June at Victoria Yards & 13th - 15th May at Irene Country Lodge

Transcendence: Into our wild

We are wild

“The decoding of the human genome tells us that we are indeed related to the animals, the insects, and the plants, and that, like it or not, Earth is where we belong.” - Ian McCallum

We have constructed and collaborated to create an exhibit that may integrate what we know and what we feel, allowing us to freely reflect on how we act, on how we nurture and and how our wild must be loved.

“The wilderness is one of the most widely recognized sources of transcendent emotion.”

We are wild, we belong with the wild, and should thus respect and treasure the wild. Our experiences with the wild allow us to transcend beyond our current lives and breathe life into rewilding ourselves.

The wild in us transcends


Transcending language and geographic boundaries

The pangolin is used as a symbol of this transcendence, this excitement of our souls, this need to protect the wild and our wild. Losing touch with the wild is to lose touch with ourselves. We owe it to ourselves to pursue the connection between us and the wild; the way being that of respect and protection of what we love.

A pursuit of consciousness and transcendence

This collection holds curated pieces from Robert Rorich that speak to and for the Earth. It is born from Nature and at the same time necessity: needing to raise consciousness for our country’s creatures and our world’s hunger, Spiritual and physical. This collection centres around the story of the plight of the Pangolin in Southern Africa and holds a space for many others: from Aardvark to Otter. With it we hope to bring consciousness and information to you, and for it to transcend our differences and reach society: creating synergy between our wild and the wild through gentle activism, with fierce determination.

A percent of the proceeds of this exhibition - in both locations of Victoria Yards and Irene Guesthouse - will go to wildlife conservation, including the Zululand Conservation Trust and the Johannesburg Veterinary Hospital, in aid of their incredible efforts in rehabilitating pangolins.

“Wilderness is not a luxury, but a necessity to the human spirit” - Edward Abbey

6 - 8 May: Victoria Yards, Johannesburg

13 - 15 May: African Pride Irene Country Lodge, Pretoria



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