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In search of real adventures

Getaway, Danielle McDonald

Images by Konrad Raubenheimer

26 May 2021

The Kalk Bay Mermaid

Yesterday I jumped in a river at sunrise, rode a horse, swam in the Atlantic, got bitten by an unidentified beastie, and got serenaded in a house from the seventeenth century. All in a day’s work, they say. One of the best things about my job is that Hi-Tec sends me on assignment around South Africa to find inspiring people whose Hi-Tecs get them outside. I get to meet the most incredible South Africans, go on adventures with them, and spend enough time with them to cut past the small talk.

Maybe they inspire something in a reader too.

The Kalk Bay Mermaid

“Welcome to the Kalk Bay way of life” says Gita Amber Carroll as we stand on the beach in the rain at 06:30 AM. The sun isn’t even up yet.

Being a morning person is a thing here in Kalk Bay. People get giddy about the sunrise and even on this drizzling morning a solo free diver enters the water in her bikini. We are also here for a swim. It’s still raining and Gita is taking off her Hi-Tec Desna Waterproof jacket. People on this side of the mountain are strange. But it’s strange in a cool way.

There’s a big sense of community here and people know each other and care about each other and their bay. Kalk Bay is a good fit for a girl like Gita.

A few years ago, she started her own company, The Good Machine. It’s the perfect name! Their mission is to figure out how we, as humans, can do better. Working with people and companies with a conscience, The Good Machine designs impactful solutions that bring them and non-profits together to help make a difference.

With a company that reflects her morals, she finds her Chi in nature. That’s why we’re out here swimming through the kelp at six in the morning.

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