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Frankie Horne

Sevens Rugby Legend

Arguably one of the most passionate people that I have had the pleasure to know and work with.  Passion for life, nature, and people and just doing her utmost best to make a difference and do good in this world. Massive inspiration to myself and others that I know that work with her. 


Kathy Bergs

Chief Development Officer

  Peace Parks Foundation

Gita is an innovative and inspiring out-of-the-box thinker who brings a fresh perspective to resource mobilisation. Connecting people within her extensive network, she is a catalyst, unlocking opportunities for social and environmental impact.

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Iain Banner


 Laureus Sport for Good

Gita has been an inspiration to work with. From the time she joined us as an intern at Laureus, I have watched her grow into a significant change-maker for good. She understands the heartbeat of what purpose is all about, and how you can build an organisation by doing good at its centre. Watch this star shine brightly into the future. 

Tim Conibear

Waves For Change


The Good Machine helped us to increase awareness of our surf therapy programmes with South African corporates.  We now have many new contacts generated and we enjoyed working with Gita and her team.

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Morne du Plessis:

Laureus SA


In a very short space of time, Gita has proven her worth to a number of organisations in the NGO space, with a particular focus on social impact. Whilst sport for development is at her core, Gita has demonstrated in her work with Laureus how important a social design strategy is for an organisation to expand on its impact.

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Nic Dlamini

South African Champion Cyclist 

I’ve always enjoyed working with you knowing how good you are at what you do. Your passion for change is what stands out and I’ve learnt a lot from you which I’m grateful for. You’re not just my friend but a good mentor too. I absolutely love seeing you’re doing great and pushing beyond limits.


Gita has had a profound impact on our thinking, planning, and actions at MathMoms. Her expertise - shared with such enthusiasm and generosity - has enriched our organisation, and her guidance takes the form of valuable, actionable advice. The most remarkable thing about working with Gita is her energy and big heart - she is not only someone we can learn a lot from, but also someone who is open to learning from everyone she encounters. Her kindness and curiosity about the world ensures that the work The Good Machine produces is innovative and inspiring.

Hanli Prinsloo



Gita has created something really special in The Good Machine. Bringing together her personal network from years of working in the NGO world with a real passion for seeing visions succeed she is a valuable asset to any organisation. We are thrilled to have The Good Machine as part of the I AM WATER Ocean Conservation Team."


Charl du Toit

South African Paralympic sprinter 

Gita's passion and vision for social development is truly inspiring! She really has a gift to look at the world and its challenges on a whole different level.  Thank you for asking the tough questions, the questions that we do not always have the guts to ask ourselves. In order to grow towards our true potential.  Thank you for providing me with the tools to find my true passion and my “WHY”.  Congratulations on the massive impact that you have already made on the social development sector! The best is yet to come! I look forward to reading all about it! 

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Cassandra Carels

Research Psychologist | Registered Counsellor | PhD Candidate.

Working with Gita/Good Machine is nothing short of amazing. She understands people, cares for people, and takes interest in their well-being. She goes over and above what is expected from clients, staff, and partners. Gita gives you the autonomy and independence you need while working on projects with her. Most importantly she remains teachable, formally and informally.

Ryan Sandes

World Trail Running Legend

Gita is extremely passionate and thorough in everything that she does. She has a wealth of knowledge and it has been incredible to work with her. 

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 Protect the West Coast 


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Sonja Cilliers



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Apish Tshetsha

Waves for Change 


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Jasper Eales

 Sealand Gear