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Gentle Activism. Fierce Determination.

Welcome to The Good Machine, 

a positive impact dream & concept factory!

Here, no dream is too big, and no idea too wild! 

With kindness at our core, we fearlessly curate new creative paths. 

Our Values

At The Good Machine aim to celebrate and transcend the ordinary, delving into the realms of the imagination to create profound, impactful change. 

Our guide: the rainbow, an all encompassing symbol of hope, which shows the
multi-dimensional approach to our work.

The importance of meeting human basic needs and trauma work

Harnessing the power of imagination, creativity and self expression

Aknowledging the power of education, knowledge & ancient wisdom

Harmonious coexistence of all beings celebrating collective consciousness

Embodies the Earth's heartbeat

Compassion and understanding the interconnectivity of everything

Highlighting the connection to the ocean

"In a very short time, Gita has proven her worth to a number of organisations in the NGO space, with a particular focus on social impact. Whilst sport for development is at her core, Gita has demonstrated in her work with Laureus how important a social design strategy is for an organisation to expand on its impact"
Morné du Plessis Laureus Sport for Good

Our Work

Friends of The Good Machine

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