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2021 here we go ๐Ÿ’œ

We've entered 2021 after an exhausting and weird year, to say the least, and yet here we are, more restrictions! As we share this, we find that our message from The Good Machine is one of improved connection, communication, creativity, and care!


Connect. If there's one thing 2020 has taught us, besides answering zoom calls, is that human connection is something which we cannot live without and is often something we take for granted. Last year we found new ways of connecting. We felt the desire to re-connect in ways that we may have previously felt too busy to do โ€“ the power of a simple hello, which has left us understanding the fundamental importance of communication.

Attached and on our website, we have provided some guidelines for online etiquette that you just can't go wrong with, all of which aid towards a more productive environment!

Online etiquette
Download PDF โ€ข 146KB



How do we stay connected - through communication.

Keeping this newsletter industry-related we have found that it has become apparent that jargon and terms are used frequently, but are you using it correctly?

Do you know what it means and do you and your colleague have the same understanding of the word?

We have drafted a basic, easy to read glossary of impact terms and concepts for you to download and save for any future references!

The glossary will be uploaded onto our website for an easy search and can be updated โ€“ so feel free to pop us an email or message if we've left one or two out and we'll add them in!

Social impact terms & concepts
Download PDF โ€ข 7.07MB


Creativity. Always aiming to support our clients the best way we can โ€“ we vouch to keep on thinking outside the box and remain useful so that we can continue to make a sustainable impact one project at a time!


Yes, all of this is done in absolutely CARE for you, for our team, for our planet, and beautiful people inhabiting it!


So, in closing, while this outbreak continues, it's crucial for us to remember that it is temporary and will pass. Thankfully, we are all in this together, so now more than ever, we need to find creative ways to carry on staying connected, surviving personally, and adapting our businesses and organisations. Again, thank you for your support as we live our dream of curating kindness and changing the world, one sustainable business choice at a time โœŒ๏ธ


Gita Amber Carroll

Chief Kindness Curator

Founder, The Good Machine


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