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  • Emma Turner, Kindness Curator

Inspiring Real Adventures with Hi-Tech South Africa!

A while ago, The Good Machine founder, Gita Amber Carroll, was invited to take part in Hi-Tech's “Inspiring Real Adventures” video series.

Gita's passion (as well as The Good Machines') is driven by one central question: How can we, as humans, do better? And this is exactly where the roots of our business lie, getting other businesses and individuals to make the conscious decision to help their communities.

Thanks to this phenomenal woman, we are helping both for-profit and nonprofits navigate the new world of social impact and are bridging the gap between the two.

When she’s not out trying to save the world, she can be found free diving in the African Kelp forests, running on the fynbos slopes of Table Mountain or star gazing in the Cederberg. Nature heals her. Nature inspires her. The world needs more kind-hearted headstrong people like Gita.

Keep an eye out on Hi-Tech South Africa for more videos on inspiring real adventure and read the full blog post here.


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