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The ocean thanks you ๐Ÿ’™๐ŸŒˆ

Thank you for making Deli to Sea as magical as it was.

We couldn't have done it without you!

"Between Shell setting out to blast the Wild Coast, mass seal deaths in the Cape, and mining continuing along the West Coast, the ocean has been subjected to more than it can bare.

Fortunately, the beautiful Cape Town community has managed to shed a bit of light on a truly dull reality. This weekend passed, more than 300 Capetonians participated in an ocean awareness event to encourage waste reduction and ocean conservation."

- Robyn Simpson

After Professor Peter Ryan, advisor to the The Beach Co-Op, and his team found 418 coffee cup lids, amongst other plastic, in 23 cleanups near Dalebrook tidal pool!

The Dalebrook tidal pool, now a hotspot for plastic pollution as it is a favourite spot for people to gather We knew we had to do something about this!

We decided this was an opportunity for us to show how beautifully people and organisations can work together for a common purpose!

In collaboration with Dalebrook Cafe, we decided to plan an event for plastic and ocean awareness: a run from Chardonnay Deli, in Constantia, to Dalebrook Cafe in Kalk Bay. The run ended at the Dalebrook tidal pool where we had activations from the Save Our Seas Foundation Shark Education Centre and a beach clean-up by The Beach Co-Op.

What Deli to Sea achieved

This event was a powerful collaboration between many ocean-minded individuals, all of them very much in line with The Good Machine's spirit. Here is how Deli to Sea made an impact:

  • 200 reduced-waste-living kits distributed (provided by The Save Our Seas Foundation)

    • 200 reusable coffee cups

    • 200 hemp tote bags

  • R25 000 raised for The Beach Co-Op to support further cleanup initiatives in False Bay.

  • R5 000 raised for Hope Farm who provided marshals for the route.

  • The SOSF Shark Education Centre funded a 25 metre shark-inspired mural by CareCreative at Dalebrook Beach

  • 3 added recycling bins were stationed at the Dalebrook tidal pool

  • A revamped recycling system for Dalebrook tidal pool has been set up in partnership with Dalebrook Cafe

  • Dalebrook Cafe is now working with a local recycling plant to rework the current waste systems of Dalebrook Cafe and Chardonnay Deli

  • Dalebrook Cafe and Chardonnay Deli Sustainability Statement created

    • A working progress as the deliโ€™s aspire to become a benchmark in sustainable business

  • Education around the plastic coffee cup lid and urged caution around patrons of Dalebrook to use it

    • Under 10 coffee cup lids collected during the cleanup

    • This is not Zero, yet, but a huge improvement

Photos by Frances Mignonne

Some of the stunning shots above were taken at Deli to Sea by Frances Mignonne. The rest will be available on The Good Machine website on Friday, 19 November 2021. Thanks Franci! Make sure to check them out here!


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