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I have come to dread the question: “ So what do you do” all I have really come to know is “ What I DONT do”. And no: I will never have or want that answer. 🧜🏼‍♀️ No more impressive elevators pitches, proposals, sectors and labels anymore.

Frankly I am tired of the ego in Philanthropy and the inequality charity maintains. One thing COVID has done is breakdown these barriers (in both business and ‘charity’) and it’s time we shift. If you don’t – you won’t survive. 🤎

Since Day 1 of LD we (Thanda) have been somewhere between freaking out, getting funding, making plans, launching programmes, shifting strategies to feeding schemes and health programmes : you name it I truly think we’ve gone there. 😷

Now more than ever I am stoked to call these people our tribe! ✌🏻 This time is a tough test for all. Grit and compassion is the cornerstone, as a human you need to adapt to make it – and the shift is to your core. 🌱

Who are you in the bigger ecosystem of things. And if you don’t think you are part of the ecosystem – you’ve got some work to do. ♻️


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