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🌱 human – nature and the inextricable 🌈

On a recent trip with one of our #socialimpact clients this week, as ever discovering incredible philanthropists, for profits and influential people ready to fight the good fight for our people and planet. 🐛

Open to failing forward and figuring this all out with knowing one thing and almost the only map we have at times … is that we can do better. 🌍

And so, as we find ourselves in this multi-layered, complex, suffocating and bureaucratic space, with constantly questioning whether this will ever be enough 👀🤷🏼‍♀️ we stop & realize …. we literally cannot breath without the green guy in the middle🌱

So back to basics.

Back to the core.


One step at a time.

We can do this.



– Oh and PS: Girls Rock 🦹‍♀️


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