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Sealand lifestyle crew with Gita Amber Carroll

Gita is a qualified purpose-lead Life Coach and the founder of the Good Machine, a specialist social impact and modern philanthropy agency with the aim of eradicating social issues and inspiring sustainable and ethical behavioral changes to business practices and social investments.

She has 15+ years’ experience in the social impact field internationally and prides herself on working with some of the world-leading organisations like Laureus Sport for Good, Peace Parks, and Waves for Change. She has been the impact consultant behind powerful South African faces: Bryan Habana, Hanli Prinsloo, and Elana Meyer - to name a few. Her specific undertaking is to work closely with individuals, organisations, and businesses in bringing them back to their core and true purpose and potential, setting up a livelihood that not merely makes them thrive and jump out of bed in the morning, but equally creating a beneficial impact on our planet and society!

Gita graduated from the University of Stellenbosch with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Sports Science: Psychology Major as well as a BA Honours in Pediatrics, Sport Science.

What makes you YOU in one sentence?

Human-centered, nature-inspired, strategic empath – otherwise known as a gal trying to do better.

How will your outlook on life improve the world?

would say my outlook is one rooted in empathy yet ruthlessly solution-driven.

Our people and planet are hurting and need healing. COVID has dramatically shown us how the vulnerability of society and the terrible pain and suffering experienced could be met with a tremendous force of compassion. 1000’s of feeding schemes and community care networks were created overnight - just as businesses closed down and millions of people experienced loss of income. The increase of triggering conversations, harsh realizations about #Blacklivesmatter, #GBV (Gender-Based Violence), and loss of revenue have not only shaken the nation but the world. This is the world we live in. There is a desperate need for an earth-centric approach as well as equality, nourishment of diversity and female leadership - and a call for those custodians of society in a position of power and influence to decide on which side of this pivoting moment they find themselves.

Now more than ever … our decisions matter. Your decision’s matter.


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