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transformation station

Writing this feeling like an anxious teenager but with crows-feet and grey hairs popping up.

So why this blog. Why guts to glory?

To cut a long story short (and thankfully not my gut) – with a long life, precisely since birth, having digestion issues … in November 2018 I was diagnosed with Colon Inertia.

Yes that’s a thing that means my colon does not work mechanically, without sparing you the gory details … it is a really shitty situation.

Solution: remove my entire colon, which would leave me living with an external ‘bag’ and was the only way to save my vitality – apparently. Bring on … panic attacks and the year long search of treatment and salvation.

Then … in February 2019 I was diagnosed with colon cancer … to find out exactly one week later that this was a false communication of medical results.

State: Hysterical mother. I’m lost. R60 000 in medical debt later, 8 x 1000 opinions later, still left with having to remove my colon … and now realizing how much literal and metaphysical SHIT I was carrying.

Falling apart, but actually beautifully coming together for the first time in my life. I am sober, this is real, I am alive and I am going to literally figure this SH*T out.

So at 34, with coming to realize that I have lived a jam-packed life, filled with mass amounts of un dealt with sh*t (abuse, adultery, divorce all that good stuff us Xennial kids were raised on) literally unfolding in front of me.

With only one thing left to do, like my frozen colon was to:





(and this included booze and meat)

8 months later, and like Dr Epstein my gastroenterologist says “ you have made a medical transformation!!!!”

Boom. 20kgs lighter and with my gut as lit as a Vegas firetruck firmly still intact and not going anywhere. This leaves me beaming good vibes from my belly like a Care Bear!

Current situation: wannabe power ranger trying to positively influence the negativity in the world by sharing love and positivity. Held together by my incredible family, friends, colleagues.

Goodbye benders, goodbye pretenses, goodbye fake sh*t.

Hello life – to finding the beauty in the mundane.

That in a nutshell – is a reason for this blog.

Apparently there is healing in sharing … and I need allot of that.

Mission: find my tribe.


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