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when the wheels come off

I need to articulate this clearly and in so can take another day with this mulling in my head before I type this… but here goes.

For a while now I have been saying the “wheels are going to come off” and yes now they have. Redefining profit as we know it – but that I will follow up on later.

If ever there was a cry for help. This is the time for those to step up who can. I cannot speak for health, education or people specifically, I’ll leave that to the industry specialists but I do feel I have a responsibility to say the following:

ATT those in the Non Profit/ Development/Social Sectoror maybe this is to everyone.

If you rely on institutional or corporate funding to run your programmes. Remember: especially if you are a PBO (that is PUBLIC BENENIFIARY Organisation) or if you FUND in the space, even for a tax break: this is for you. You all have clear deliverables in your constitution/ MOUs and I am mindful of that.

BUT the end game of why you are “in” this sector is the to benefit and contribute positively to the PEOPLE and PLANET on behalf of somebody (the donor) else because you are the ‘expert’ – this is the ultimate BOTTOM LINE. And to me THE BOTTOM LINE in life and today!

I will leave comments and advise about times today to the experts, but flip.

⁃ Schools are closed: do you know most of our children receive their food from schools?

⁃ Community programmes are closed – most of our kids received their daily meal from this.

⁃ This is just a few: and I know many organisations out there doing remarkable adjustments to their ops to serve not only the above but so much more.

I beg and urge ALL non profit programmes to step it up and to communicate and work with their donors diligently and proactively and the same for donors or those in the private sector.

In my opinion: if you strictly fund sports, girls or turtle conservation – what is happening now is affecting humanity: again – BOTTOM LINE. Everything is inextricably linked and this is the start of the agile multi disciplined approach!

The NPO space has provided salaries and opportunities for many for years, I am saying this and maybe I am judging: but if you draw one of those PBO salaries and run these programme from this funding for the ‘people and planet’ STEP UP! I am one of them, so I am looking in the mirror.

Donors: Not saying unrestricted funding is the answer: believe me I know the complications. But we have a privilege and custodianship in this sector. Step up and lets show us what you made of! To those entrepreneurs and hustlers: we need your solutions & innovations now more than ever! Help us.

This is the end of charity as we know it.

This is to heal humanity and exemplify earth.

This is every sector & individual doing the best they can.

This is for survival.

It starts with you personally, and I hope you are taking this time to heal and then once you have done so, step out and be the power ranger you were born to be.


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